Supply chains and customers need minerals and metals sourced to a higher standard. TSM is driving the world to better solutions.

TSM is a globally recognized sustainability program that supports mining companies in managing key environmental and social risks.

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Mining is changing and TSM is driving that change.

Essential for a
greener future.

From the metals needed to power our transportation to the materials required to make communication possible, it is impossible to imagine a reality without it and mining's role as the supplier of the metals and minerals essential to a low carbon economy cannot be overstated.

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Today, communities expect more from mining companies and the industry expects much more of itself.

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Responsible Management

It is important that standards be in place to ensure that the process of mining is being managed responsibly, from start to finish.

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What the world is saying about TSM

How does the TSM program work?

TSM provides a set of tools and indicators that drive performance and ensures that key mining risks are managed responsibly at participating mining and metallurgical facilities. To translate commitments into action on the ground, TSM’s eight performance protocols focus on two core areas: Communities and People and Environmental Stewardship.

Each protocol is made up of a set of indicators that help mining facilities build, measure and publicly report on the quality of their management systems and their performance in key areas of mining activity.

One of the key strengths of TSM is that mining companies are measuring where the mining activity actually takes place – at the facility level. The results provide local communities with a meaningful view of how a nearby mine is faring.


Communities & People

  • Indigenous and Community Relationships
  • Crisis Management and Communications Planning
  • Safety and Health
  • Preventing Child and Forced Labour

Environmental Stewardship

  • Tailings Management
  • Biodiversity Conservation Management
  • Water Stewardship
  • Climate Change
  • Mine Closure
  • Exploration

External Oversight

TSM includes ongoing consultation with a national Community of Interest (COI) Advisory Panel, an independent, multi-stakeholder group comprised of about 12 to 15 individuals from Indigenous groups, communities where the industry is active, environmental and social NGOs, and labour and financial organizations.

Each TSM partner association is overseen by an independent national advisory body with diverse representatives from key communities of interest for the mining sector. This might include representatives from Indigenous groups, communities where the industry is active, environmental groups, organized labour, academia, and other relevant perspectives. The advisory body is responsible for advising on all aspects of the TSM program, including reviews of all TSM protocols and requirements to ensure that they are rigorous and credible in their respective national contexts. The advisory body also plays and important role in the external verification of companies’ TSM performance and provides a space for open dialogue about emerging issues related to mining sustainability.