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Transparent reporting of TSM performance allows the mining sector’s communities of interest to take a detailed look at the sustainability performance of specific mine sites. 

Each year, facilities must assess and publish their performance against the performance indicators outlined in the TSM Protocols. These results are externally verified every three years, and accompanied by a letter assurance from the company’s CEO or equivalent. All of these reports and documents are published on the websites of participating members who are actively reporting on the program.

Mining associations in Canada and Finland both have their TSM Performance reports publicly available. Other partners, who are at various stages of TSM implementation, will be posting their performance reports in the coming years.

TSM Verifier Training

Individuals interested in becoming TSM verifiers should contact their national mining association to learn more about requirements:

TSM Verification Requirements

In 2021, TSM published new verification terms of reference and guidance related to the TSM external verification process. The new TSM Verification Guide provides verifiers with guidance on expectations related to the verification process, and includes in appendices an updated Terms of Reference for Verifiers, a new Verification Oversight Policy, and a template for a public Verification Summary Report.

Download the Verification Terms of Reference

Download the Guide