TSM is a globally recognized sustainability program that supports mining companies in managing key environmental and social responsibilities. TSM was the first mining standard in the world to require site-level reporting with external verification. 

Each year, mine sites use TSM to report on protocols and indicators focused on social and environmental performance. Qualified external verifiers review and confirm these results every three years with results publicly available for assurance purposes.

To learn more about the TSM program, check out our TSM Primer, available in:

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Each TSM partner is overseen by an independent, multi-interest advisory body, made up of 12 to 15 individuals from Indigenous groups, communities where the industry is active, environmental and social NGOs, and labour and financial organizations, that:

  • Meets twice a year to provide support and advice for the TSM program.
  • Conducts a yearly review of a sample of companies’ verified results to analyze company systems and practices.
  • Provides critical perspectives by raising emerging issues of concern beyond those covered under TSM.

To learn more about TSM, download the TSM Fact Sheet.